About us


A start-up story

Advanced Rise solutions is an advisory firm dedicated to start-up grow oriented. The company aim to facilitate the investment process and provide visibility to highly disruptive projects carrying incredible value creation potential.

ARS provides various services in data consolidation, project structuring and investment assistance. These services are segmented under two different axes.


The accompaniment of start-ups in the drafting of provisional budgets and the preparation of financial reports allowing a better visibility and strategic decision making for the start-up.

ARS purpose solutions to assists start-ups in their first fundraising efforts with investors. Access to financing is essential for the growth of start-ups.

The increase in equity strengthens the company’s financial structure without putting it in debt. For this ARS offers services to connect with investors to facilitate access to capital for managers.

We answer all your financial issues and provide guidance in the successful

A team of passionate

Our team is born from the passion of the technology and supporting companies with promising projects and the solutions of tomorrow. In a world where technology is constantly evolving and leading our future. Projects are constantly growing and reinventing new ideas. In every corner of the world, tomorrow’s solutions are being imagined by new talents. Our team stands out for its young talents, who are above all passionate about technology and innovation. With a background in corporate finance, we structure the ambitions of entrepreneurs.

Our commitment is to accompany those who wish to lead their project.

We are proud to offer solutions in the development of these ambitious projects.

We wish to guide these young companies in the realization of their financing plan and the strategies to adopt in the continuity of their activity. We also accompany these start-ups in their first fundraising with investors. 


Hugo Romano

Financial Auditor at EY, did financial and investment analyst for VC investment fund Region Sud Investissement, was a Financial Analyst for Parex France and Bank Accountant at Société Générale. Recently fundraiser for CARBON Ltd and CFO of an upcoming NFT project.

Jocelyn Greau

Financial Auditor at KPMG then PwC, did financial analyst for Deloitte. Jocelyn has a well embedded vision of firm financial management and structure.